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Ultimate Frisbee Injuries

Ultimate Frisbee season is in full swing now! For those of you that play at a more competitive and elite level, you have most likely been playing consistently hard, and especially if you are planning on going to compete at The 2014 World Championships this August in Lecco, Italy!
Stay Strong and Injury Free The answer is in knowing how to train, prepare for games and recovery!

Preparation If you’ve been sidelined by previous injuries, it’s a really good idea to start up those specific 

Managing & Treating Climbing Injuries

Climber’s Elbow, Stiff Necks & Shoulders
It’s climbing season again, which means it's time to prepare and get stronger for upcoming challenges.
Recently, I’ve treated a number of avid rock climbers coming into the clinic with a sore forearm.

Upon further evaluation, they were experiencing what I would call “climber’s elbow."  There was pain on the lateral aspect of their forearms (lateral epicondyle) and weakness and pain throughout the extensor carpi radialis longus and radialis brevis muscle and tendons. 

Consequently, their finger tendons (flexor digitorum superficialis and profundus) were also being over worked and sore and needed to take time off climbing – That’s no good!

Assessing the issuesUpon further evaluation, they all had restricted mobility in their neck and entire spine and a couple of them at one point in the past have had bad whiplash, or some degree of it where they couldn’t even move their necks for a few days. 

On assessment, the spinal segments of specific …