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Ultimate Injuries: How to fully rehabilitate your power and strength?

Just Finished playing a week-end tournament?

So you just finished playing a tournament this week-end and you have some extra soreness that's more than normal in your lower quadrant - namely your thighs, hips, knees, legs or ankles.

What do you do after you have done physiotherapy and rested for several days, and am now eager to get back to playing again? Make sure you have your Physiotherapist assess your functional movement patterns and find out what continued imbalances that you may still have.

You need to also make sure you strengthen the weak areas. Doing some specific functional strengthening can help you regain power which could be part of your muscle imbalance equation. It is possible that this will not only help you play harder, run faster, jump higher and cut sharper but may also help you prevent you from getting injured in your next game or tournament. Below is a specific exercise (with a progression to the basic) that can help you increase power and strength through your l…

Ultimate Activation: How to Warm up for Ultimate Frisbee

How can we get a huge benefit from a few minutes of warm-up? by Vancouver Physiotherapist Travis Dodds
Warming up for sport has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Spurred on by ground-breaking programs such as FIFA 11+ in soccer, and the FMS study in NFL football, athlete health professionals are beginning to focus more on how to prevent injury, improve functional movement and fuel long term performance.
Ultimate is characterized by a very wide distribution of injuries. They may be acute/traumatic due to collision with the ground, other athletes, or even the disc. Even more injuries are chronic due to the imbalances inherent to the sport such as pivoting from a dominant leg/throwing arm, not to mention the sheer volume of running, jumping and cutting at high speed!
Functional movement refers to an individual’s capacity for complex, full-body movements, such as a squat, toe touch, back bend, full body rotation or single leg balance. When these fundamental movements ar…
Ankle Taping...

Isn't it great to have someone like your own personal coach, trainer or Physiotherapist that can strap up your ankle before  the game? Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury and we need to be able to make due. 

Whether it's soccer, baseball, football, ultimate frisbee, running, rugby, hockey, hiking or cross fit, here is a video by Travis Dodds, Physiotherapist at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY, showing you a very good and effective and relatively easy way to do it yourself:


Travis Dodds, Registered Physiotherapist  M.Sc(PT) Travis graduated from the University of Alberta’s Masters of Science in Physical Therapy program in 2010. He is dedicated to ongoing education to stay at the cutting edge of Manual Therapy (hands-on treatments), Functional Movement, Prehab, Exercise and Taping. He has completed post-graduate coursework in all of these fields and is committed to keep up with curre…

Ankle Injuries in Ultimate Frisbee