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Getting at the root cause of your Sport Injuries / Spinal injuries

Need help with an injury?

Want to get back playing your sports (Recreationally, competitively or professionally)?

Need help with your neck Whiplash / car accident injuries?

Do you have nerve pain or headaches?

Do you have chronic pain or chronic tightness issues?

Does your back or hips limit your mobility or decrease your confidence in doing physical activities / sports?

Did you have knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, hip or back surgery?

Do want to run your first 10 km or half marathon injury free?

Were you a previously an elite athlete and now just starting up a training program and unsure of how past injuries will affect you?

Want to run faster?

Want to player stronger?

Want to feel better?

Want to recover faster?

At INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY, we connect you with how you can really move again!!!

Shoulder Strengthening Tips

Have you had issues with shoulder weakness in the past? Do you want to work on creating a strong base and strengthening the muscles of your shoulder blades to give you that strong stable base of support for your rotator cuff and to help keep the shoulder blade and rotator cuff muscles working in together properly?

Whether it's stronger shoulders for rock climbing, throwing & laying out in Ultimate frisbee to assisting with pain control from shoulder impingement from day to day lifting, this is a great exercise for you. Yes, you also need to stretch out other muscles that most like be tight, such as the Lats, delta, pecs or biceps.

Check out the exercise above!


INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPY provides services in Sports Injuries, Physiotherapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture & IMS. We also accept WorkSafe BC & ICBC claims. We are excited to be providing integrated patient–centre…

InSyncPhysio: Inner Core Strengthening Tips

Do you ever have lower back pain?

Do your hips, pelvis and lower back get tight constantly?

Perhaps inner core strengthening is what you need. Whether it's competitive sports to amateur or recreation sports or living an active lifestyle where you want to walk / hike again, training your core can help you move the way you really want to move again.

Check out the following on inner core activation: