How's Your Stroke?

Treating swimmers and in particular Triathletes in the clinic has piqued my interests to learn how to swim better. 

2008 Vancouver BG Triathlon World Championships - Photo by Bob Stoffberg

As an ex-cross country runner back in the day and and recently began road riding on my one year old newish bike, I can begin to appreciate what it would be like to have done a swim first before hand. 

Conferring with my colleague, Heather Camenzind, a physiotherapist at INSYNC PHYSIOTHERAPIST who has not only dedicated her spare time in progressing her profession skills but also become adept in triathlon training as an Ironman, “Ironwoman”, she has given injury prevention talks in all three areas and also has taught technique classes in water running for supplemental training.

As a result, I’ve begun my training in swimming and have found some really swim techniques that could be beneficial for both the beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers.



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