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What is Trochanteric Bursitis?

Trochanteric bursitis is just one of many common causes of hip pain among athletes. If you have pain on the outside of your hip, you may be suffering from this sports injury. The Greater Trochanter This is a part of the femur, the large bone that makes up your thigh. It actually sticks out from the side of the hip, and is surrounded by several different soft tissues. Because the greater trochanter sticks out, it is susceptible to friction between the bone and the muscles, especially the Iliotibial Band, or IT Band. The trochanteric bursa is a small fluid filled sack that sits between the muscles and the greater trochanter in your hip. It is there to reduce friction between the muscles and bone as you move your hip. With activities like running, jumping, and squatting, the muscles repetitively move over the bone, and over time this can cause an irritation of the bursa. Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa. Common Causes Muscle tightness is the most common cause of bursitis. Th…

The Benefits of Balance Training

Most people don't think about incorporating balance training into their fitness regime. This is because they don’t understand the benefits of adding it in. Balance is the ability to control the body’s position, either stationary (e.g. complex yoga pose) or whilst moving (e.g. ice skating). Balance is a key element of fitness, along with strength, cardiovascular exercise, and flexibility. Balance training can be done using a stability ball, bosu ball, or board trainer. The overall benefits of balance training include improvements to overall fitness, sports performance, and injury prevention. Specific Benefits Include:

1. Body Awareness Body awareness is the sense of how your own limbs are oriented in space, also referred to as proprioception. Balance training promotes body awareness which makes movement more seamless, with less likelihood of injury. 2. Co-ordination Balance training requires all of your body to work together otherwise you might fall or stumble. By improving yo…

9 Tricks to Make it Easier to Run Faster

Looking to break a new personal record in your next race? Or just want to work your way up from a walk to a jog? Running faster during your workouts takes dedication, time, and the ability to break out of the norm—you just have to be willing to get a little uncomfortable. It's not as bad as it sounds, though! Although it may not make sense, all runners can actually benefit from doing workouts besides running. Exercises that address other performance components, including strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. Learn to pick up the speed and attack your running goals with these 9 drills and tips: 1. Get Lean Leaning out your body fat will help pave the way for muscle gain, which helps propel you forward during a race. A body composition test can tell you the percentage of body fat you currently have, and can be done at most gyms or training facilities. From there, choose healthier foods and run and cross-train regularly—when you’re leaner, you run faster. 2. M…

Foods that Improve your Workout Flexibility

Before working out, it is important to eat the right kinds of foods so that you can flex your muscles and joints easily and not suffer from cramps. Flexibility refers to the ability of different body parts to complete their motions. You need flexibility to perform regular activities like walking, lifting or bending and when you are flexible your muscles also remain active and mobile. This is why it is also important to introduce flexibility exercises when you are working out. Stretching is a good way to make your body flexible before working out. But in order to improve your workout flexibility, it is not enough to simply stretch. You need to add certain foods to your diet that can improve your flexibility. Foods which improve flexibility:Green vegetables: Dark, green leafy vegetables like spinach, seaweed, kale, chard, collard greens and watercress can heighten your flexibility when you add them to your daily diet. They have high water content which is necessary to flush out acids …