Inner Core Strengthening Tips

Welcome to Insync Physiotherapy tips on strengthening your core. This exercise is to strengthen your inner core, specifically your transverses abdominal muscles. So you’re going to lay flat on a yoga mat with your head on a pillow, and your knees bent at 90ยช and your feet flat on the yoga mat, with one hand on the diaphragm and the other hand underneath the low of the back you are going to begin diaphrametic breathing. So that’s breathing into the base of your lungs and now the other hand is basically going to be feeling for no gapping while we do this exercise. So you’re going to be basically take one leg and bring the knee up toward the chest, take 5 seconds to do that, slowly and then follow it with the other leg for 5 seconds, and then you’re going to follow it back down for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds down with the other leg with he knees bent. Now you’re going to keep repeating this and as you do this, you really want to make sure you’re feeling no gapping in the low of the back. Now you can also progress this exercise by doing this with the legs straight. The inner core exercise is meant to do for 5 minutes -three times per day at Insync Physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapists will show you how to engage your inner core muscles and how to activate your functional core to help you achieve your physical activity goals. InSync Physiotherapy in Burnaby BC, provides services for sports injuries, physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, massage therapy, acupuncture and IMS. We also accept WorkSafe BC and ICBC claims. We are excited to be providing integrated patient-centred health care services to help you get back "InSync" with your optimal health and maximum potential for sport, work or play. We are committed to give you the highest level of professional care and service while utilizing latest advances in physiotherapy and health care to treat the underlying cause(s) of your problem.


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