Work Shop For Doctors - Low Back Pain

Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Rehabilitation Workshop for Doctors: Evidence based Practice for Low Back Pain …. Dural tension and maybe disc issue and they would say, “Ok, let’s do a discectomy or maybe a lumbar fusion” and we found those people didn’t do that well. So we now use the slump test as a bit of a clue to the health of the nerve, the peripheral nerves from the lumbar spine down to the legs. So, we’re looking at the L1, L2 down to like the S1, S2 nerve roots and sort of how they combine with the peripheral nerves. So, what I’m going to get Iyad to do is to sort of tuck your chin down first and do it bits at a time to see if it reproduces any of his usual symptoms. So does that cause any unusual symptoms... So let's try going a bit farther down, so we're sort of... So we ask, we get them to hold there and just see what's happening, so is there any change in your... no change, no symptom still, so we would add another component of tension to the system, where we might say... straighten your leg like that and hold there... no. Anybody getting symptoms? No, good nice... oh, you need surgery Alice that's it [laughter] and then we might add one more component, so that and get some tension there and then what we might do there, is if we're trying to get very specific and maybe differentiate where it's coming from... we get him to do this, back and forth...does that change your symptoms at all? Ok we might kind of incur that it's part of this nerve tension or...


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