Back, Sacro-Iliac-Joint Pain & Dysfunction: Core Stability Foam Roller

Lying with your low back flat on the foam roller pull your inner abdominal muscles downward. Imagine you are making yourself skinnier at your waistline and breath into your diaphragm. Slowly lift one bent knee up towards the chest, followed by the other knee while keeping your core engaged, low back flat and breathing into your diaphragm. Then slowly lower one leg down at a time. Repeat this for 3 to 5 minutes 4 times daily on the foam roller to strengthen your core stability muscles for your lower back, pelvis / sacroiliac joints and hips. To progress and increase the difficulty of this exercise, start with both knees and both arms straight up in the air while lying flat on the foam roller. Reach one arm up above your head towards the ground and lower your opposite leg with a bent knee back down to the floor while keeping your core engaged, back nice and flat and breathing into your diaphragm. Return the arm and knee back to the start position and do this for the other arm and leg. Repeat this alternating pattern with the arm and opposite leg for 3 to 5 minutes 4 times daily. If you are experiencing any acute or sharp pain consult your Physiotherapist before doing either of these exercises.


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