Vancouver Physiotherapist: Sharing her Why, Nadine Stunzi

So Nadine, tell us…What do you like most about being a Physiotherapist?” What I love most about being a Physiotherapist is that I feel like we actually have an amazing capacity to create a lot of impact in the health care system. We get a fair amount of time with patients at a high frequency, coupling that with our vast clinical knowledge in our commitment to life long learning, I really feel and have noticed in patient outcomes that we can create a lot of meaningful change in patients’ lives… not just in terms in their functional well being but also in terms of their emotional well being as well. “Great.. And why did you become a physiotherapist?” Why?! I think why is a beautiful question that’s really important to ask behind a lot of what we do. You should be ground in that. Three and a half years of my life I spent being a personal trainer and I loved it! I loved working with the powerful tools of exercise and creating change and I loved the relationships that I built, but I wanted to acquire more responsibility and to become more of a clinician. So I chipped away at another good 5-6 years at University while working to then apply to the Masters program so that I could continue to do what I was doing and working with the tools of exercise but my scope in practice had evolved immensely so that I felt like I was really taking on a lot more responsibility and impacting a lot more. “And Why did you choose to work at INSYNC PHYSIO?” Well that too is a great question. I worked at quite a few clinics, and lots of amazing clinics. Every clinic has a different value system. And what I’ve noticed about INSYNC that I am very passionate about is that it’s very much patient centred! What I mean by that is that patients come first! This can be at the trade off sometimes at maximizing the dollar and the trade off sometimes of various other business initiatives. And so what I see is that we actually allow patients a little bit of time for over flow. They can come to their appointment a little bit early to settle into their room. They can stay a little bit later and do some mindfulness strategies, some exercises or have some heat. So there’s a nice flow to the day that allow for patients to be put first. We’re also very dedicated to mentorship at this clinch where we actually close down the clinic for certain hours and just dedicate our time to knowledge sharing and helping each other develop as clinicians, which ultimate trickles down to bettering patient outcomes. So I really do feel and have observed that INSYNC is a very patient centred clinic… so I’m very proud to be here!


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