Rotator Cuff Strain: Big Ball Reach Outs

Keep your posture tall and your inner core engaged by pulling the muscles below the belly button inwards toward the spine. Wrap a resistance band around your upper back. With your belly on the the ball stay on your hands and feet. Secure the band on the floor with your opposite hand. Reach your index finger forward, with the thumb up towards the wall on a slight angle out, then come back down. Repeat this 10 times for 3 sets on each side. To progress the functional core strength, reach your index finger forward while extending your opposite leg and heel back at the same time. Keep the hips and pelvis level. Repeat this 10 times for 3 sets on each side. It’s very important to retrain your core strength in conjunction with the rehab of your rotator cuff strain to have a more successful recovery! This is a great functional exercise to help you get back into many sports such as rock climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, Volley Ball, Basketball or Swimming.


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