Deeper Look into Burnaby Physiotherapist: Caitlyn Dunphy

So Caitlyn, what do you like most about being a Physiotherapist?

I would say I have two favourite things abut being a physio. The first one is getting to talk to people all day. That’s actually probably one of the reasons why I became a physio because I like chatting with people. The second thing is watching people and getting to follow people and watching them achieve their goals. So I get to see them at the beginning when they maybe thinking the goal is impossible or they’re in pain or something is stopping them, and then getting to follow them all the way through to see them achieve their goal and see how excited they are to achieve their goals. 

And why did you become a Physiotherapist?

I became a physio, one, because I really liked sports and I saw the benefits of Physio as both a coach and as an athlete. Then I also really liked problem solving. So I actually had originally signed up in school to be an Engineer because I liked math and science and problem solving but I didn’t feel super passionate about being an engineer.So then I thought, I’m passionate about sports and the human body and so the perfect combination of problem solving and sports and the human body seem to be like Physio. 

Great!  Why did you choose to work at INSYNC PHYSIO?

I chose to work at INSYNC PHYSIO because I agreed with the clinic values. So I liked the one-on-one time that the clinic allowed me to have with patients so we only see one person at a time; And I like being able to give that focus to people because I like talking to them, and to be able to give the all my attention. I also like the clinic values of trying to find the source of the problem, so we do a lot of hands on therapy here, as well as sports therapy and really trying to find what the cause of what everybody’s problems are. And then as well, that we do mentoring bi weekly usually. So getting a chance every couple of weeks to talk to the other therapists and run ideas by them and learn new exercises from them. So once I found out the clinic gave us that time I also wanted to work here. “The end..” 

…awesome… Perfect!


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